Minutes-January 4, 2011

The Board of Aldermen held a meeting Tuesday night January 4, 2011 at 7:00 PM.  Those present included Mayor Calvin Wilson, Alderpersons Keith Kohley, Greg Richmond, Kevin Reardon and Kristin Lett. Also, present were City Clerk Paula Brodie, Chief of Police Tom West and City Supervisor David Brodie. Also present was Joyce Haynes reporter from McDonald County Press and Amy Buckley reporter Neosho Daily News. Ald Kohley was not present. 

The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Call the meeting to order. Note that the Public Hearing that was scheduled for 6:50Pm today was continued at Karla Thompson’s request until February 15, 2011. The Mayor stated the reason for her request was that she does not have the quiet title to the condemned property at 136 Russell Street yet. The Mayor stated that Ms. Thompson is hoping to repair the house instead of demolishing it.     

The Board discussed the minutes from the meeting on December 21, 2010. Ald. Richmond moved to approve the minutes. Ald Reardon seconded. The Board voted 3 ayes, 0 nayes. 

The Board discussed Bill # 2010-419 for Ordinance # 2010-429 adding all city parks to the ordinance in regards to the hours the parks are closed. 

The Mayor read by title only the second reading for Bill #2010-419 for Ordinance #2010-429. 

Ald Richmond moved to approve the second reading of Bill #2010-419 for Ordinance #2010-429. Ald Reardon second. The Board voted 3 ayes 0 nayes. 

The Board discussed Bill# 2011-420 for Ordinance #2011-430 adopting a new Code of Ordinance repealing and amending certain codes to comply with Missouri State Statutes and adding all Ordinances passed during 2010.  The Clerk noted that this was classified as an emergency ordinance to update the Code Book with ordinances already voted on in 2010. 

The Mayor read by title only for the first reading Bill# 2011-420 for Ordinance #2011-430. 

Ald Richmond moved to approve the first reading of Bill #2011-420 for Ordinance #2011-430. Ald. Reardon second. The Board voted 3 ayes 0 nayes. 

The Mayor read by title only for the second reading Bill# 2011-420 for Ordinance #2011-430. 

Ald Lett moved to approve the second reading of Bill #2011-420 for Ordinance #2011-430. Ald Reardon second. The Board voted 3 ayes 0 nayes. 

The following reports were made:

                        1. Tom West stated he has been working on racial profiling year end report.

                        2. David Brodie stated that there was a situation with the water line that is ran to the property that Calvin Cantrell owns east of town. He stated that the property has a 2” water service that only feeds one home. He said that Mr. Cantrell was told that he could not subdivide the property unless he put in main water lines. He stated that Mr. Cantrell sold to Jesse Ruby part of the land. He said that he had talked with Jesse prior to his purchasing the land, telling him that the water service to that piece of property could only feed one home. He said that he told Jesse that if Mr. Cantrell chose to keep the water service, there would be no water service to the parcel Jesse was interested in buying. He said that Jesse did go ahead and purchased the property. Since then Jesse came to the City and asked for the water to be turned on to a pumpkin patch he had put in on the property and after talking with Mr. Cantrell the city turned the water on in Mr. Cantrell’s name but mailing the bill to Jesse. It was noted that at that time Mr. Cantrell had specifically stated that he was not giving the water line to Jesse but was allowing him to use it for the pumpkin patch only. David stated that since then Jesse has been building a home on his property and as of this weekend Jesse and his family have moved into it. He said that the meter is showing water usage and since no water permit has been purchased for the new home he assumed that they must be using the water line that was allowed for the pumpkin patch. David suggested the Board write a letter to both Mr. Cantrell and Mr. Ruby asking them to attend the next board meeting on January 18, 2011 to resolve the situation. It was noted that a building permit was purchased by Mr. Ruby and that the city inspector William Mosby had been inspecting the house as it was being built, but has not signed the final inspection, or issued a certificate of occupancy.  The Board instructed the clerk to write both parties a letter asking them to attend the next meeting.

                        3. Dawn Bunch gave her monthly report which reflected that only 66% of the taxes have been collected so far. She noted that last year at this time she had collected 83% of the taxes.

                        4. Paula Brodie gave the following reports:

  •         noted that the filing period for candidates filing for the April 5, 2011 election is from December 14, 2010 to January 18, 2011. Positions open are the Mayor, Tax Collector, one Northward Aldermen (Kristin Lett) and one Southward Aldermen (Kevin Reardon). All four positions are for 2 years.
  •         She also noted that the last page of the budget had the wrong compilation. She pointed out that the Sewer expenditure amount was not brought forward correctly. She stated that she made the correction and included it in the final budget that the Board had received.
  •         Asked the board if they wanted to put long distance calling ability on the Emergency Management phone. They agreed.                                  

The Mayor acknowledged Carson Bunch. Carson asked the Board why they have ordinances that they do not enforce He said that state law says that they must enforce laws that are on their books or remove them. Mr. Bunch told the Board that the ordinances, such as dogs running at large, junk cars and trash on people’s properties were not being enforced. He said that he had told Chief West about dogs being on his property but nothing was ever done about it. The Mayor stated that the Board did try to enforce the ordinances. He said Tom will write a ticket for one of the above mentioned violation, the people will come to court, plead guilty and pay their fine and costs. Chief West noted after Mr. Bunch left the meeting that the dogs near Mr. Bunch’s home were difficult to catch. Tom said Mr. Bunch has a valid complaint however he can’t catch the dogs, and Mr. Bunch does not know who they belong to so that a ticket could be issued to the owner. Ald Reardon commented that like him Mr. Bunch lives near the outskirts of town. He stated he felt that several of the dogs that bother him and probably Mr. Bunch come from out in the county. Ald Richmond stated that there was more to running the city’s business than just dogs, junk cars, and trash. He said if more citizens came to the meetings and asked the Board to handle those specific problems the Board would put more emphasis on them. 

The Board discussed the bills from December 21, 2010 for $34,948.28 including transfers. Ald Reardon moved to approve the bills from the December 21, 2010 in the amount of $34,948.28 including transfers. Ald Lett seconded. The Board voted 3 ayes, 0 nayes. 

Ald Reardon moved to adjourn. Ald Lett seconded. The Board voted 3 ayes, 0 nays. 

Respectfully submitted:


Paula W. Brodie, MRCC, City Clerk                                __________________________

                                                                                          Calvin Wilson, Mayor