Agenda-January 4, 2011



Tuesday January 4 2011 at 7:00PM at the

Goodman City Call

1. Call the meeting to order. Note that the Public Hearing that was scheduled for 6:50Pm today was     continued at Karla Thompson’s request until February 15, 2011. (Reason is that she does not have the quiet title to the condemned property at 136 Russell Street yet).  

2.  Discuss and vote on the minutes from the Board meeting on December 21, 2010.  

3.  Discuss and vote on the second reading of Bill # 2010-419 for Ordinance # 2010-429 adding all city parks to the ordinance in regards to the hours the parks are closed. 

4.  Discuss and approve the first and second reading of Bill# 2011-420 for Ordinance #2011-430 adopting a new Code of Ordinance repealing and amending certain codes to comply with Missouri State Statutes and adding all Ordinances passed during 2010.  (This is classified as an emergency ordinance to update the Code Book with ordinances already voted on in 2010). 

5.  Department head reports:

                        1. Tom West

                        2. David Brodie

                        3. Dawn Bunch, monthly report.

                        4. Paula Brodie

                                    1.    Note that the filing period for candidates filing for the April 5, 2010 election is from  December 14, 2010 to   January 18, 2011. Positions open are the Mayor, Tax Collector, one Northward Aldermen (Kristin Lett) and one Southward Aldermen (Kevin Reardon. All three positions are for 2 years. 

                                     2.    Note that the last page of the budget had the wrong compilation. Point out corrected  one added to the budget.

                                     3.    Ask about need for long distance calling on the Emergency Management phone.


6.  Discuss any other old and new business.

7.  Discuss and approve the bills in the amount of $34,948.28 including transfers.

8.  Move to adjourn the meeting.