Minutes-August 16, 2011

The Board of Aldermen held a meeting on Tuesday night August 16, 2011 at 7:00 PM.  Those present included Mayor Greg Richmond, Alderpersons Keith Kohley, Kristin Lett, JR Fisher and Bill Hess. Also present were City Supervisor David Brodie, City Clerk Paula Brodie, Chief of Police Tom West and Officer Curt Drake. Guests included Carlton Lewis, Greg Hammon, Vicky Leach and Gary Wimpy. Also present was Joyce Haynes from the McDonald County Press.

The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

The Board of Aldermen discussed the minutes from the meeting on August 2, 2011. Ald Kohley moved to approve the minutes from August 2, 2011. Ald Fisher seconded. Aldermen Kohley, Hess, Fisher and Lett voted aye, with 0 nays.

The Board discussed a request from Evelyn Reardon to average her water bill at 142 S. School St.  David noted that they discovered that their dog had chewed through a hose in the back yard. He confirmed that they fixed the problem. Ald Fisher moved to approve averaging her water and sewer bill. Ald Kohley seconded. Ald. Kohley, Hess, Lett and Fisher voted aye with 0 nays.

The Clerk noted that it was time for the Board to set a public hearing regarding the setting of the 2011 tax levy. She stated that the levy amount is calculated by the McDonald County Clerk, using a formula put together by the Missouri State Auditor per Missouri State Statute. She noted that the approved amount for the City of Goodman for 2011 was $0.6332 per $100.00 evaluation. The Board agreed to hold a public hearing on Monday August 29, 2011 at 7:00PM at the Goodman City Hall to set the 2011 Tax Levy.

Department heads gave the following reports:

Tom West- Tom reported that the white patrol car has developed a knocking sound in the engine and the black patrol car needs a new battery.

David Brodie- noted that he had gotten the crosswalk at the school painted. Tom asked if a crosswalk could be placed at the intersection of Janice and Chase. He stated that there was a lot of traffic from the school kids and the day care.

Dawn Bunch – no report.

                           Paula Brodie – noted that the city received the SEMA funds for the snow removal during the declared 2011 Winter Storm, in the amount of $1,070.57.

 The Board discussed the following old business:

 Ald. Lett asked about the decision to chip and seal the city streets. The Mayor stated that he thought part of the problem with the streets was erosion from under the streets. David stated that putting chip and seal on the streets does not take care of the street not being level. He said he believed the Board needed to have the cuts in the streets grinded down first and then put down a leveling coat. David stated he thought that it would be better to put down a 2” overlay. He noted that some of the water improvement settlement money could be used to do some of the street repairs as a lot of the damage was caused by the water improvement project cutting the streets. The Board asked David to make some phone calls to check into prices.

 Ald Fisher reported that Jesse Ruby had completed work for Mrs. Wiley and was getting the easement drawn up. Ald Hess asked who Jesse was getting the easement for, himself or the city. Ald Fisher stated the easement would be for the City.

 Greg Hammon stated that there was a rough spot on Stites street where the new bank was built. David reported that the contractor for the bank is responsible for repairing the cut and has said that they will repair it as soon as they can.

 Vicky Leach stated that she needed until the First of next month to pay both her mothers current bill and the next bill for September. The Mayor stated that the Board would allow her to pay the bill on the first without being shut off.

 David asked to be allowed to purchase two new tires for the white truck. He also noted that the dump truck had a blown tire, he had purchased a used tire but they will need to consider purchasing new tires for the dump truck. He also noted that the signs he needed are ordered and should be here soon.

 The Board discussed the following new business:

 Tom told the Board that Denis Kolb had asked him to ask the Board to set up a bank account to accept the IRIS memberships, a bank account for the Emergency Management Department and one for the Police Department. The Clerk noted that all funds coming into the city and being paid out by the city are under the control and approval of the Board of Aldermen, therefore they should check with their accountant about authorizing the Emergency Management Department to receive and distribute funds. Ald Kohley stated he did not know anything about the request for the checking accounts and asked why Denis did not stay for the meeting as he was present before the meeting started, so that he could explain his request. The Board decided not to make any decisions about checking accounts until Denis could be present to answer their questions.

 Ald Kohley reported that Denis Kolb had received an email from Greg Sweeten chastising the Emergency Management Department for telling lies about him. Ald Kohley stated for the record Greg Sweeten had no business within the City Limits, as his jurisdiction ended at the Goodman City limits. He stated that he would like the Board to approach the McDonald County Commissioners to see about having Mr. Sweeten removed from his position. He stated that in the past Mr. Sweeten had told members of the Goodman Emergency Management personnel to get off the radio.

 Tom West stated that Mr. Sweeten was not going to tell him when he can or can not be on the radio. He said that the Emergency Management Department was given permission by 911 to be on the radio and that Greg Sweeten had no right to tell them to get off the radio. He said the radio frequency belonged to the City of Anderson not Greg Sweeten or 911.

 Ald Kohley stated that the Emergency Management Department was having trouble with the Goodman Fire District also. He noted that it began when the Fire Department became the Goodman Rural Fire District. He stated that he felt all of the departments needed to work together.

 The Mayor stated that Denis Kolb would be asked to attend the next meeting. Ald Kohley stated that as a Department Head should he not be required to attend all meetings and be added to the Department head list to give reports to the Board. It was decided to add him to the agenda in the future under department head reports.

 The Board discussed whether or not to ask Mr. Sweeten to be present at the next meeting. Ald Hess stated that he felt the Board should have a discussion with Denis first then ask Greg Sweeten to the next meeting.

 Ald Fisher asked how Crystal, the new Asst City Clerk was doing. The Clerk reported that she was doing very well. Ald Fisher asked that she be asked to attend the Board of Aldermen meetings to learn about the minute taking. The Clerk stated that she had already asked Crystal to attend as soon as she gets her feet on the ground with the water billing.

 David reported on a class that he is going to have to attend in Springfield. He said that the Department of Natural Resources vouchers would pay for it. He noted that a lot of the changes occurred when changes were made to the Safe Water Act. Ald Hess moved to allow David to attend the SPCC class in Springfield on September 13, 2011, including paying his wages for the day and gas. Ald Fisher seconded. Ald Hess, Fisher, Lett and Kohley voted aye with 0 nays.

 The Board discussed the bills for August 2, 2011 for $37,534.27 including transfers. Ald Fisher moved to approve the bills in the amount of $37,534.27. Ald Kohley seconded. Ald Fisher, Kohley, Lett and Hess voted aye with 0 nays.

 Ald Kohley moved to adjourn. Ald. Fisher seconded. Ald Fisher, Kohley, Lett and Hess voted aye with 0 nays.


                                                                            Greg Richmond, Mayor




Paula W Brodie, MRCC, City Clerk


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