Minutes-May 3, 2011


May 3, 2011


The Board of Aldermen held a meeting on Tuesday night May 3, 2011 at 7:00 PM.  Those present included Mayor Greg Richmond, Alderpersons Keith Kohley, Kristin Lett, JR Fisher and Bill Hess. Also present were City Clerk Paula Brodie, Chief Tom West, Officer Curt Drake, Judge Clyde Davidson and Tax Collector Dawn Bunch. Guests included Joyce Haynes from the McDonald County Press and Amye Buckley from the Neosho Daily News.  

The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:00PM. 

The Board of Aldermen discussed the minutes. Ald Hess noted that the minutes reflected in two places that he was appointed Water/Sewer Commissioner. Ald Lett moved to approve the minutes from April 19, 2011 with the noted correction by Ald Hess. Ald Hess seconded. Aldermen Kohley, Lett, Fisher and Hess voted aye, with 0 nays. 

The Mayor noted that the next item on the agenda was to acknowledge Colleen Epperson from the McDonald County Chamber of Commerce.  He stated that Ms. Epperson was not present. 

The Board discussed averaging the utility bill for the Full Gospel Church. It was noted that the Church’s water had been averaged once already and that they had used excessive water a couple of other times since it was averaged. The clerk stated that she understood that the problem was a stool that hangs up. The Mayor stated that the past procedure was that the leak needed to be repaired before the bill would be averaged. The Board agreed that the church needed to take care of the leak. No motion was made to average the bill this time. 

The Board discussed whether or not to keep averaging high water bills. The Clerk noted that no other utilities average their customer’s bills if they are high. Clyde stated that it does cost the city to pump the water and treat it through the treatment plant and that the cost is passed on to all the water customers. The Board made no decision. 

The Board discussed a request from Katrina Manion to average her water/sewer bill. It was noted that David had checked for a leak, there was none, and the meter was not turning. It was also noted that Ms. Manion’s bill has never been averaged before.  Ald Lett moved to average Ms. Manion’s water and sewer bill one time. Ald Kohley seconded. Aldermen Lett, Kohley, Hess and Fisher voted aye with 0 nays. 

The Board discussed changes that need to be added to the personnel policy. The Clerk noted that in March of 2007 the Board at that time agreed to make several changes to the personnel policy. Some of the items were accidentally left out when the ordinance was drafted. The Board agreed to have the Clerk draw up a draft ordinance with the following items: Part-time employees work no more than 30 hours per workweek, the Police Chief is to work 40 hours per work week and Police officers are to work no more than 171 hours during a 28 day period as designated by the Chief of Police. The Board also agreed to include in the policy: All exempt employees from overtime hours will be given compensatory time off at the rate of one and one-half (1½) hours or overtime pay at the rate of one and one-half (1½) for each hour of overtime during emergencies declared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the State Emergency Management Agency.  

The Board discussed whether or not they want to use the hard copies of the ordinance books or a CD with all the ordinances on it.  

The Board discussed the following old Business.

                        1. The Board tabled until the next meeting a final decision on the bid from Gilliam Electric on installing a transfer switch to connect generators at the City Hall and the Police Department until David could be present to answer some questions.

                         2. The Board discussed the Corporate Authorization Resolution with First Community Bank that was signed at the last meeting but not actually voted on. Ald Fisher asked the Board to consider dividing the city’s banking between the two local banks. The Mayor stated that the Board could discuss whether or not to divide up the banking at the next meeting. Ald Fisher  moved to have the Mayor sign the Corporate Authorization Resolution with the First Community Bank effective as of April 19, 2011. Ald Kohley seconded.  Aldermen Hess, Kohley, Fisher and Lett voted aye with no nays.

                         3.  Discuss the proposal for the Minutes-on-Demand program. Tabled to find out more information Clerk to see about setting up a webinar for the Board to hear.

 The Board heard the following department head reports:

 Tom West no reports

  • David Brodie not present, but clerk reported that he had received the best bid from Tatum’s Tractor on the bush hog. It was noted that the amount is in the budget. Tabled until next meeting.
  • Dawn Bunch- Monthly report
  • Paula Brodie-  Note- that the Board received a copy of the letter sent to Joshua Bradford.
  • Note- court monthly report
  • Note- cost for the election went from $785.18 to $1,368.00.   

Clyde Davidson reported that the Betterment Club was going to build the fence along Garner at the new park on Barlow Street.  

The Board discussed the following new business: 

Ald Fisher asked about why the city hall was closed on Thursday. The Clerk explained how it came about. Ald Fisher asked the Board to open the City Hall on Thursdays and to keep it open during lunch with overlapping lunch hours. He stated that to run a business the doors needs to be open. The Mayor stated that the city was actually not running a business in the way Ald Fisher’s business is. The Board discussed his requests. The Mayor decided to have further discussion of his request placed on the next agenda.  

Ald Fisher asked about the boundaries of the city vehicles and insurance coverage. He stated that he was asked and so he was asking the Board what their policy was. He also asked what the insurance company would cover if an employee was in an accident in a city vehicle but was not on city business. The clerk stated that as long as the employee is on official business the insurance would cover any accident claims, however if they were not on city business MOPERM would not cover any claims.  

Ald Lett stated that the car Curt is driving sounds terrible and the Board needs to look into replacing it.

Ald Kohley stated that he had attended the Annual Car Show at the ballpark on Saturday. He said that there was a man that left the car show driving very C & I. Ald Kohley stated that the two people in charge of the Car Show didn’t think there was a problem with how he was driving. Ald Kohley stated he was concerned that the City would be liable if he had hit someone. Clyde Davidson stated he was at the car show; however he did not see the incident. He asked the Board to consider that there were two sides to the story and that they should hear both before coming to any conclusions. Clyde pointed out that he understood that the car show was over when the incident occurred. Ald Kohley stated that there should be rules and they should be followed. Mayor Richmond stated that before the next car show maybe some rules should be written up and followed. Clyde stated that he hoped the board would still allow the Car Show to be held at the ballpark. The Mayor stated that his request was noted. 

The Board discussed the bills for May 3, 2011 for $20,016.79 including transfers. Ald Lett moved to approve the bills. Ald Fisher seconded. Aldermen Hess, Kohley, Fisher and Lett voted aye with no nay votes.

Ald Lett moved to adjourn. Ald Fisher seconded. Aldermen Hess, Kohley, Fisher and Lett voted aye with no nay votes.


                                                                                          Greg Richmond, Mayor



Paula W Brodie, MRCC, City Clerk

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