Agenda-February 1, 2011


Council Meeting

February 1, 2011 at 7:00PM at the

Goodman City Hall 

1.         Call the meeting to order at 7:00PM 

2.         Discuss and approve the minutes from the regular meeting on January 18, 2011.

 3.         Acknowledge Gary Billups to discuss reconnection fees for water services shut off for non payment. 

4.         Acknowledge William Mosby to discuss the condemnation of the house on Karla Thompson’s property. 

5.         Discuss the request made by Jesse Ruby to allow him and Mr. Cantrell to hook to the 2” water line running across both of their properties. (Decide length of time to give to receive the written agreement between Jesse Ruby and Mr. Cantrell).

6.         Discuss the increase on the Employee Anthem Health Benefits. 

7.         Discuss drafting an ordinance to increase both water and sewer minimum water rate by $.50 cents each.  (Note the Board discussed the need to do this during budget workshops).

8.         Department head reports:

9.         Note that the Goodman Rural Fire Department is holding a ceremony at the  well on School Street at  2:30PM on February 2nd to dedicate the new generator that is on loan to the city. All are welcome to attend.

                         1. Tom West

                        2. David Brodie-  

                        3. Paula Brodie-

  • Inform the Board that the Tax Collectors computer has been upgraded and working fine.
  • Inform the Board that I received a State Scholarship to the Annual Mo. City Clerks and Finance Officers Training Conference from Monday March 7thto Thursday March 10th. The Scholarship includes ½ of the room costs and the registration fee. The City will only need to cover ½ of the room costs, mileage, and regular hourly wage. Note that the Board put the complete training costs in the 2011 Budget.  I am not attending the Master Academy just the Spring Institute.                                                                    

10.       Discuss old and new business

 11.       Discuss and approve the bills from February 1, 2011 for $27,859.61  including transfers.

 12.       Adjourn the meeting.