Minutes-April 19, 2016

April 19, 2016

Regular Board Meeting

The Board of Aldermen held a regular meeting on Tuesday night April 19, 2016 at 7:00 PM.  Those present included Mayor Greg Richmond, Alderpersons Calvin Wilson, Keith Kohley, Roger Coe and Alice Kezar. Also present were City Supervisor David Brodie, Emergency Management Director Denis Kolb, Tax Collector Meghan Sexson, Chief of Police Curt Drake, City Clerk Paula Brodie and Asst. City Clerk Karla McNorton. Also present were Lois Kolb and Rita Greene from the McDonald County Dispatch.  

The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:00PM.

The Board discussed the minutes from the regular meeting on April 5, 2016.  Ald. Kezar moved to approve the minutes from the meeting on April 5, 2016. Ald. Wilson seconded. Ald. Hess, Kohley Kezar and Wilson voted aye with 0 nays.

The Board discussed the following old business.

       1.  There was no old business. The Mayor acknowledged Clyde Black who lives at 108 E. Main St. Mr. Black asked about the chicken houses that are going in north of town. He said that he was concerned about the smell and the environmental hazards. He was told that there was a public hearing on April 25th at the New Mac building in Anderson to discuss that very issue.  Mr. Black had a suggestion to the Board regarding building tennis courts at the elementary school on School Street

The Board discussed the bills including transfers in the amount of $38,917.81.  Ald. Wilson moved to approve the bills including transfers in the amount of $38,917.81.  Ald. Kohley seconded. Ald. Kohley, Hess, Kezar and Wilson voted aye with 0 nays.

The Clerk read the following election results, Calvin Wilson Northward Alderman 44 votes, Keith Kohley Southward Aldermen 26 votes, Meghan Sexson, Tax Collector 71 votes and Clyde Davidson, Municipal Judge 75 votes. She then proceeded to swear in the new officer holders.

The Mayor noted it was time to reappoint the City Attorney, Chief of Police and the City Clerk.  

Ald. Wilson moved to re- appoint Duane Cooper as City Attorney.  Ald. Kohley seconded. Ald. Kezar, Coe, Wilson and Kohley voted aye with 0 nays.

Ald. Kohley moved to appoint Curt Drake as Chief of Police.  Ald. Coe seconded. Ald. Kohley, Kezar, Coe and Wilson voted aye with 0 nays.

 Ald. Kohley moved to re-appoint Paula Brodie as City Clerk.  Ald. Coe seconded. Ald. Kezar, Kohley, Coe and Wilson voted aye with 0 nays.

The Board discussed who to appoint as the acting President. Ald. Kohley moved to appoint Ald. Wilson as acting President. Ald. Coe seconded. Ald. Kohley and Coe voted aye with Ald. Kezar abstaining, as Ald. Wilson is related to her and Ald. Wilson abstained as he was in the motion.

Ald. Kohley moved to leave the commissioners as they were last year. Ald. Wilson seconded. Ald. Kohley, Kezar, Wilson and Coe voted aye with 0 nays.

The Clerk noted that if the Board kept the same check signers, they would not need to approve a new Corporate Resolution or sign new signature cards with the First Community Bank. Ald. Wilson moved to keep the same check signers with First Community Bank. Ald. Kohley seconded. Ald. Kohley, Wilson, Kezar and Coe voted aye with 0 nays.

The Mayor noted that there were no family members present from the Rehobson family who had asked to be on the agenda to discuss the possible use of the Ballpark for the weekend of July 30th.

The Board acknowledged the City’s building inspector Marcus Pratt who was present to discuss the building inspection procedures and fees. Mr. Pratt noted that the City does not have a procedure for the payment of partial inspections. At this time the City charges a flat fee for $100.00. It was expected that the building inspection would only need to make about 4 inspections; however he has been making partial inspections at the contractor’s request, which causes him to make several trips to complete an inspection. He gave the Board a duplicate form that he uses in the City of Anderson. He stated that when someone comes to the City Hall to get a permit, they ask him to do an initial check of the property to see what kind and how many inspections will be required.  He noted that doing it that way was beneficial for the clerks at City Hall as they are not sure what actually is needed as far as inspections. He noted that when he does electrical inspections now, Empire requires him to place a sticker on the meter which shows them that the electric has passed City inspection. It was noted that they had ordered the stickers and have them now.

Ald. Wilson asked why Marcus couldn’t keep track and then charge the people when the work is done. JR Fisher stated that he had followed what the city had required in the past and he thought it worked really well. Marcus stated that JR’s situation was a perfect example of why he is doing more inspections. He noted that JR wanted part of the houses electrical inspected so that they could go ahead and work on another part of the house. He noted that when a builder asked for a partial inspection, they realize that they will be expected to pay for another inspection. JR stated he did not have a problem with paying for additional inspections when he asked for them. Marcus noted that there have been times that he was called to do an inspection and the building was not ready to be inspected. That caused him to make additional trips and should be reimbursed by the contractor. He noted that in Anderson he use the International Building Codes from 2008. The Board decided to have the Clerks issue the building permit and then inform Marcus Pratt and have him go out and talk with the contractor and then decide how many inspections should be charged to the contractor. The Board agreed to have Marcus get together with the Clerks about the form he uses in Anderson and to look over the Code to see how it needs to be worded to go along with what is actually being charged.

The Mayor acknowledged Jim Morgan the Chairman of the Goodman Area Fire District. Mr. Morgan stated that he had discussed with David the need to have the holes filled up in the alley between Main Street and Russell St. He said that he had told David if he could get some rock he would volunteer his time and equipment to spread it. He said that he understood that David had asked the Mayor to purchase the gravel and the Mayor had told David to go ahead and get the gravel. He said while he was spreading the gravel he was approached and told to stop. He asked the Mayor if  the alley between Main and Russell was a public alley. He said if it was not a public alley it needed to be closed off.

Carol Coe stated that it was not a public alley but a utilities easement and part of it was on their private property. JR Fisher stated that he had maps with him that the Board could look at that shows that it is an alley and he noted that old plat maps have always shown that it had been designated as an alley. Carol stated that she had asked for them not grade behind her house. Mayor Richmond stated he did not know legally if it is an alley or not. He said that the City of Goodman map has always shown it as a public alley. He said he didn’t think it was right for Mr. Morgan to be yelled at and have someone taking pictures of him, while he was doing volunteer work for the City. He said he had always understood it was an alley. He said that as far as he knows that it is an alley and that it was the City obligation to maintain it. Jr. Fisher stated that he has several entrances the open out into the alley and he appreciated the smoothing out of the alley.

Mr. Morgan said he would just like it to be cleared up. He then read a description of a three foot easement between the Fire Station and the Coe’s house. He stated that the papers show that the Fire District has the right to work on their building and should be able to walk and work within that three feet easement. He said he is tired of getting told that they cannot work within that easement. He stated that the Fire District wanted to have seamless guttering put up but were hassled every time they were out there working.   

Mayor Richmond stated that as of now, everything the City has shows it is an alley, not an easement. He would like to have some proof that it is only a utility easement.

Carol said that there was only one hole behind her house, she doesn’t mind people using it, but when they build up the alley and fix the holes they are on her property. She said people drive to fast up the alley when the holes are filled in. Mayor Richmond stated he considered it an alley, he didn’t mean any disrespect to her, but that is the only thing he knows at this time. He said the City needs to maintain the alley. He said he wasn’t going to stop David from grading or fixing the holes. He said if she would provide proof that it is a utility easement, they would have to progress from there. He asked her if  she has an easement, he would like to see it, if not as far as he was concerned it is an alley and the city needs to maintain it.

Bud Richmond, stated that it might look like people are speeding, but the alley is not long enough to build up to 10 MPH.

Jimmie Morgan said he wanted to thank the Board for purchasing the gravel.

The Mayor stated that he and David had discussed the fact that with David Sarratt’s situation right now, there might be a need to hire someone for part time for the next 60 or 90 days. He said right now they need someone to help mow, spread asphalt, cut and load brush. If the Board decided to hire someone they would need to hire someone who is reliable and can work on their own. David said maybe they could hire someone older who need to supplement their income. Mayor Richmond noted that they had talked to David Sarratt so he was aware that it was temporary. The Board agreed to post the open job on its Facebook page, the City’s web site and post it around the city.

The Board discussed a request by Mediacom regarding a building placement. The Mayor stated that he had a call from Mediacom regarding a building placement. They have a building that they would like to put on City property. He said his first reaction was not to allow it because the City would be responsible if anyone was hurt. He said that the man had said that they put buildings on other city’s properties. The Board discussed whether or not to allow them to put their building on City property, but agreed to not let them. The Mayor stated he would contact Mediacom to let them know.  

The Department heads gave the following reports:

Curt Drake-reported that the Charger still has not been set up properly for use. He said they had found out that it did have wigwags, because it is a police package. He noted that  gun racks were free, but it had taken purchasing other parts to make them work in the Charger. He said that he had gone ahead and purchased the console he had asked the Board to consider purchasing at the last meeting. He said that whether or not they reimburse him he had decided that the console was needed to make the gun rack work. He told the Board it was OK with him if they did or did not reimburse him. Ald. Wilson stated that they had discussed it at the last meeting and had agreed to discuss it at the next meeting. He said he felt that Curt went over the Boards decision by going ahead and purchasing it. Ald. Kohley stated that he and John had to take the Charger up to Fletcher Chrysler to have the seats tightened up because they were loose. Curt stated that he knew the driver’s seat was loose, but not the passenger seats. Curt stated he had to make a trip to Rogers Ar. to pick up parts for the gun rack so while he was there he went ahead and bought the console to save him from having to go back to Rogers if the Board decided to purchase the console.

The Mayor reported that he and Curt had talked last night, and they had agreed that a closed personnel meeting needed to be scheduled to discuss the hiring, firing and disciplining of personnel. Ald. Wilson suggested setting April 21st at 7:00PM. The Board agreed.

Curt noted that John Wynn had told Jeremy Walker that he could work and would be paid, even though he had not asked his permission to do so. He said he didn’t even know when he had worked or how many hours. He said he had never been given a time sheet. The Mayor stated that he knew that the Board had agreed while Curt was off the reserves could be used to fill in some of Curt’s hours. The Clerk asked if that wasn’t during the time he was of on his workmen’s comp leave. She stated that she believed Jeremy worked during the week Curt was at Missouri Southern in school. The Mayor stated he might have misunderstood when Jeremy could work. Ald. Coe stated that they should find out how many hours they were talking about that he would need to be paid for.

Denis Kolb- .had nothing to report.

David Brodie- stated that the 4-wheeler needs two new tires on the front. He said he had priced them at Goodman Auto and Tire and they could get 6 ply tires for $99.27 a piece mounted. Ald. Kohley if David should try to get some more bids prior to making a decision. David said he had looked at several on the internet and could print out the amount for the Board if they wanted him to. Ald. Wilson moved to let David order 2 tires from Goodman Tire and Auto. Ald. Coe seconded. Ald. Kohley, Kezar, Coe and Wilson voted aye with 0 nays.

David reported that Tri State Engineering had sent him some preliminary reports on what could be done to fix the problem at the Hunte Corporation. He asked for the Council’s permission to meet with Ryan Boyle from the Hunte Corporation to discuss the report. The Board agreed. David also noted that they had talked about the City’s I & I situation, however he felt that the City should concentrate on fixing Hunte’s problem first.

Ald. Kohley asked when David would start spraying for mosquitoes. He said until the rained stopped there was no point in spraying and he had not received any complaints as of yet. Ald. Kohley stated he had talked with Jim McCollum who had stated that the Mosquitoes are bad at his house across from the ballpark.  

Meghan Sexson – had nothing to report.

Curt reported- that New Mac had contacted him to tell him that they would be updating some equipment on Wed. and Thursday nights from 8:00 PM until around 9:00 PM. They will be shutting off all of the services during that time frame each night. He said he had let the businesses know that use New Mac.   

Paula Brodie –.told the Board about an opportunity to advertise through the McDonald County Chamber on their map and on a future web site. She stated she would give the Board a copy in their next packet so that they could go on the Chambers site and look at what they were offering.

Ald. Kohley moved to adjourn. Ald. Wilson seconded.  Ald. Coe, Wilson, Kezar and Kohley voted aye with 0 nays.