Trash pickup/Recycling

City trash pickup is $9.50 for each residence and is added to the monthly water/sewer bill. Pickup occurs in the wee hours of Tuesday mornings so please set your trash out the evening before. The trash service included in your City Utility Bill covers pickup of two (2) 39-gallon trash cans per household. Please secure proper lids to the trash cans so that animals do not get into them.

The sanitation department does not take off on holidays. Trash will be picked up every Tuesday regardles of whether it is a holiday or not.

The City does not hold a fall or spring cleanup because Henson Trash Service picks up most bulky rubbish (i.e. furniture). To get rid of bulky items just place them at the curb with your regular trash. They will also pick up brush as long as the branches are no longer than 5 feet and are tied in a bundle.

Appliances are picked up by appointment. Please contact City Hall to have an appointment made.

They cannot pick up any tires or building materials such as block, bricks, shingles, wood, insulation or sheet rock.

Goodman Recycling Program -This program is the 3rd Thursday of every Month. (please contact City Hall to take advantage of this program)

White or Colored Letter Head
Computer Paper
Tablet Paper
Ledger Paper
Copy Paper
Brown Paper Bags
2 Liter Soda Pop Bottles
Milk Bottles
(Wash and rinse containers &
Remove caps, neck rings and labels)
Aluminum Cans
Steel or Tin Cans
(Rinsed and labels removed)
(Flattened and tied in bundle)
All Newsprint (Includes al inserts) Magazines

Carbon Paper
Facial Tissue (Kleenex) Coated Fax Paper Towels Napkins
Paper Cups
Motor Oil Containers
Antifreeze Containers
Pesticide containers Margarine Containers
Wax Covered Cardboard Tarpaper – Tar Taped Boxes

Due to safety problems we ask that glass be brought to the AARP recycling center.

Be sure to take advantage of this wonderful service all year round!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact City Hall.