Chapter 415 – Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parts

Chapter 415


Section 415.010. Definitions. [Ord. No. 1992-268 Art. I §I, 8-18-1992]

As used in this Chapter, the following terms are defined as follows:

ACCESSORY USE — A use customarily incidental and subordinate to the principal use of a mobile home and located on the same mobile home lot with the principal use of the mobile home or in the mobile home.

MOBILE HOME — Any structure transportable in one (1) or more sections, which when erected on site measures a minimum of eight (8) feet or more in width and designed to be utilized as a dwelling, with or without permanent foundation, when connected to required utilities and includes the plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and electrical systems contained therein, but expressly does not include modular homes.

MOBILE HOME LOT — A plot of ground plainly marked by corner stake, fences, shrubbery or other devices and designed to accommodate one (1) occupied mobile home and accessory buildings or uses.

MOBILE HOME PARK — A contiguous parcel of land which has been developed for the placement of two (2) or more mobile homes and is owned by an individual, a firm, trust, partnership, public or private association or corporation.

MODULAR HOME — A structure transportable in one (1) or more sections when erected on site which measures eight (8) feet or more in width and is designed to be used as a dwelling, provided however, that a modular unit must be set on a permanent foundation and not subject to removal. It must be so designated by the manufacturer as a modular unit versus a double-wide mobile home.

PARK STREET — A private way which affords principal means of access to individual mobile home lots or auxiliary buildings within a mobile home lot and/or a roadway providing vehicular access and egress between individual mobile home lots and enjoining public rights-of-way.

PERMIT — A written permit issued by the City permitting the construction, alteration and extension of a mobile home park under the provision of this Chapter.

PERSON — Any individual, firm, trust, partnership, public or private association or corporation.

PLAYGROUND — A play lot or other area which has been landscaped and developed for the use of children or other mobile home occupants.

RECREATIONAL VEHICLE — A vehicular type unit primarily designed as a temporary living quarters for recreational, camping or travel use and when occupied is hereby defined as a mobile home.

SERVICE BUILDING — A building housing community toilet facilities, laundry facilities, storage facilities, or any other sanitary facility necessary for the health and convenience of mobile home park occupants.

SEWER CONNECTION — The connection consisting of all pipes, fittings and appurtenances from the drain outlet of the mobile home or to the inlet of the correspondence sewer riser pipe of the sewage system serving the mobile home park.

WATER CONNECTION — The connection consisting of all pipes, fittings, and appurtenances from the water riser pipe to the water inlet pipe of the distribution system within the mobile home or trailer.

Section 415.020. Mobile Home Parks — Required Plans and License. [Ord. No. 1992-268 Art. I §II, 8-18-1992]

A. License Required.

1. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate any mobile home park within the limits of the City of Goodman, Missouri, unless such person holds a valid license issued annually by the City Clerk in the name of such person for the specific mobile home park. All applications for license shall be made to the City Clerk who shall issue a license upon compliance by the applicant with the provisions of this Chapter and upon approval by a majority of the Board of Aldermen.

2. License non-transferable. All license issued hereunder shall be non-transferable.

B. Application. The application for original license shall be in writing and signed by the applicant and accompanied by an affidavit of the applicant as to the truth of the application and accompanied by a deposit of a fee in accordance with the balance of this Chapter and shall contain the name and address of the applicant; the location and legal description of the mobile home park; a site plan of the mobile home park showing all lots, structures, driveways, walkways and other service facilities and shall be accompanied with a set of plans drawn to scale and completely dimensional and shall include all entrances, exits, driveways and walkways, the number, size and location of automobile parking accommodations, the location and size of recreational areas, a plan of water system, the method and plan of sewage disposal and site drainage, the method of garbage disposal and plan of storage areas, the method and plan of service building heating, a lighting plan of the outside areas and service outlets, and the location and type of fire-fighting and fire-prevention facilities.

C. Application Requires Public Hearing. Upon receipt of the application for license, the City Clerk shall forthwith cause same to be brought to the attention of the Board

of Aldermen and public hearing on same shall be held at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Aldermen.

D. Public Hearing — License Granted Or Denied. At the hearing, the Board of Aldermen shall determine whether the application, as submitted, meets the following requirements:

1. All requirements as imposed by this Chapter;

2. Whether the proposed mobile home park imposes an undue hardship on any resident of the City of Goodman, Missouri;

3. Whether the mobile home park would be unduly detrimental or hazardous to the health, safety or welfare of the occupants of the City of Goodman, Missouri, or the mobile home park.

At said hearing, the Board of Aldermen of Goodman, Missouri, shall either grant the application and issue the license or deny same.

Section 415.030. Site Area and Lot Size Requirement. [Ord. No. 1992-268 Art. I §III, 8-18-1992]

A. Every mobile home park shall contain at least five (5) acres of land with direct access to a public street right-of-way containing a width thereof of at least fifty (50) feet.

B. Every new mobile home park shall be divided into mobile home lots, which lots shall contain either a concrete pad of an area at least large enough to cover the entire area beneath any mobile home which is located thereon or shall provide concrete pads to place brace and supports upon.

C. Each mobile home pad or pier shall be surfaced with a minimum thickness of four (4) inches or more of concrete.

D. Lot Requirements.

1. No mobile home or accessory building shall be located closer than ten (10) feet from any side lot line of the mobile home park nor closer than fifteen (15) feet from the front lot lines abutting a service drive road and no mobile home shall be located within thirty-five (35) feet of another mobile home measured side by side or within thirty-five (35) feet of another mobile home measured end to end.

2. The yard setbacks of the mobile home park shall be a minimum of thirty-five (35) feet from all public rights-of-way and a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet from all abutting property.

3. All park or service buildings shall be located at least twenty-five (25) feet in distance away from any mobile home shown on the mobile home park plan.

4. For each mobile home lot there shall be provided and maintained at least one (1) parking space. Each such parking space shall contain a minimum area of

three hundred sixty (360) square feet (of dimension eighteen (18) feet by twenty (20) feet) and shall be hard surfaced. If central parking lots are provided, they shall be hard surfaced and each space separated by striping or other adequate means and identified to the official lot number of the occupant and reserved for his/her sole use. No occupant of a mobile home shall be allowed to park a motor vehicle upon any driveway located within the mobile home park or upon any public rights-of-way.

5. Each mobile home park shall provide for a developed playground which shall be of a size of at least two thousand five hundred (2,500) square feet in area plus one hundred (100) square feet for each mobile home located within the park in excess of ten (10) in number.

6. All parking areas and service areas shall be bituminous surfaced or better.

7. All park streets shall be of concrete construction or paved to meet the standards of the City of Goodman, Missouri, with proper drainage ditches provided to allow for water disposal and discharge.

Section 415.040. Water Connections. [Ord. No. 1992-268 Art. I §IV, 8-18-1992]

A. Each individual mobile home shall be provided with a water meter and water connection which shall consist of a riser terminating at least four (4) inches above the ground surface. Such water connections shall be equipped with a shutoff valve and shall be protected from freezing and from damage from mobile home wheels and shall have the ground surface around the riser pipe graded to divert surface drainage away from the connection. The connection and water meter shall be located upon each mobile home lot and subject to the rules and regulations of the City of Goodman, Missouri.

B. All sewage and waste water from toilets, urinals, sinks, bathtubs, showers, lavatories, laundries and all other sanitary fixtures in the mobile home park shall be drained to a public sewage collection system.

C. Sewer laterals shall be provided at each mobile home lot, terminate above grade on the same side of lot as the water connection, be at least four (4) inches in diameter and be equipped with approved leak and flyproof devices coupling to mobile home drainage system. Such lateral sewer connections shall be protected at its terminal with a concrete collar at least three (3) inches thick and extending from the connection in all directions. When not in use, the connection shall be capped with a gas type plug or similar device.

D. All plumbing in the mobile home park shall comply with the ordinances of the City of Goodman, Missouri.

E. Each mobile home space or lot shall be provided with at least a four (4) inch sewer connection. The sewer connection shall be provided with suitable fittings so that a watertight connection can be made between the mobile home drain and the sewer connection. Such individual home connections shall be so constructed that they can be closed when not linked to a home. They shall be constructed in such a manner as

to maintain them in an odor-free condition. Adapters allowing for tight physical connection shall be on the mobile home or provided by the mobile home park operator for the use of mobile homes.

F. All electrical work shall be installed and maintained in accordance with the electrical requirements of the National Electrical Code.

G. All gas-burning appliances shall be of approved vented type and AGA approved.

H. There shall be installed and maintained in a conspicuous and accessible location in every mobile home one (1) or more fire extinguisher.

I. The owner or operators of the mobile home park shall be responsible for securing the maintenance of all structures and their site, including an approved tie downs which shall adequately secure each mobile home.

J. Every mobile home park shall maintain a manager in charge who shall require all persons using such mobile home park to register in a book kept for that purpose showing the date, the name and address of said person, together with the make of automobile and correction automobile license number. The manager shall preserved such register and endorse upon the same the date of departure of such person or persons registered therein, and it shall be unlawful for any person to make a false entry or alter or permit to be erased any name, address, registration number or other information. The register shall at all times be opened to inspection by proper officials of the City of Goodman, Missouri.

K. Each mobile home lot site shall be well drained, free from trash or litter and maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

L. All garbage and rubbish shall be stored in a tightly covered, waterproof container of not more than thirty (30) gallons capacity, unless other means of storage are approved in writing.

M. Each mobile home located within a mobile home lot shall be skirted. Once skirted, the skirting shall be maintained in good repair. The area immediately underneath a mobile home may be utilized for storage, only if the stored items shall be located so as not to interfere with underneath inspection of the mobile home.

N. No mobile home located within such park shall be occupied for dwelling purposes until such time as it has been properly placed upon the cement pad or pier and connected to water, sewage and electrical utilities.

O. The mobile home park shall be surrounded by a landscaped strip of open space twenty-five (25) feet wide along any major street or highway and twenty-five (25) feet wide along all other lot lines.

P. Each lot is provided for the occupance of a single mobile home unit, shall have an area of not less than five thousand (5,000) square feet and a width of not less than fifty (50) feet, subject to the other provisions contained herein.

Q. All internal park streets located within a mobile home park shall be of a minimum of thirty (30) feet in width.

R. Dead-end streets shall be limited in length to one thousand (1,000) feet and shall be provided at the closed end with a turnaround having an outside roadway diameter of at least one hundred (100) feet (i.e., a cul-de-sac).

S. Grades of all park streets shall be sufficient to insure adequate surface drainage but shall not be more than eight percent (8%). Shortrun with minimum grade of twelve percent (12%) may be permitted, provided traffic safety is assured by appropriate paving, adequate leveling areas and avoidance of lateral curves.

T. Paved park streets must meet existing City street specifications.

U. All mobile home parks shall be furnished with lighting units so spaced and equipped with luminaries placed at such mounting heights as will provide the following average maintained levels of illumination for the safe movements of pedestrians and vehicles at night:

1. All parts of the park street system: six tenths (0.6) foot-candle, with a minimum of one tenth (0.1) foot-candle;

2. Potentially hazardous locations, such as intersections and steps or step ramps: individually illuminated with a minimum of three (3) foot-candle.

Section 415.050. Electrical Distribution System — General Requirements. [Ord. No. 1992-268 Art. I §V, 8-18-1992]

A. Every park shall contain an electrical wiring system consisting of wiring, fixtures, equipments and appurtenances which shall be installed and maintained in accordance with the National Electrical Code.

B. All power distribution lines shall be by direct burial conductors or cable buried at least eighteen (18) inches below the ground surface and shall be insulated and specifically designed for the purpose. Such conductors shall be located not less than one (1) foot radial distance from water, sewer, gas or communication lines.

C. Each mobile home lot shall be provided with an approved disconnecting device and over current protective equipment. The minimum service outlet shall be 120/240 volts AC, one hundred fifty (150) amperes.

D. Outlet receptacles shall be located not more than twenty-five (25) feet from the over current protective devices in the mobile home and a three (3) pole, four (4) wire grounding type shall be used. Receptacles shall be of weatherproof construction and configurations shall be accordance with the National Electrical Code.

Section 415.060. Park Maintenance. [Ord. No. 1992-268 Art. I §VI, 8-18-1992]

A. The grounds, buildings and structures located within a mobile home park shall be maintained free of insects and rodents.

B. Parking areas shall be maintained free of accumulations of debris which may provide rodent harborage or breeding places for flies, mosquitos and other pests. The growth of brush, weeds and grass shall be controlled to prevent harborage of

ticks, chiggers and other noxious insects. Park areas shall be so maintained as to prevent the growth of ragweed, poison ivy, poison oak, poisonous sumac and other noxious weeds considered detrimental to health. Open areas shall be maintained free of heavy undergrowth of any description.

Section 415.070. Fuel Supply and Storage. [Ord. No. 1992-268 Art. I §VII, 8-18-1992]

A. Natural gas piping systems shall be installed and maintained in accordance with the applicable codes and regulations governing such systems.

B. Each mobile home lot provided shall be provided with piped gas and shall have an approved manual shutoff valve installed upstream of the gas outlet. Such valves shall not be located under a mobile home. The outlet shall be equipped with an approved cap to prevent accidental discharge of gas when the outlet is not in use.

C. Fire hydrants shall be installed by the lot owners, if not otherwise in existence, and shall be located within five hundred (500) feet of any mobile home, service building or other structure in the park.

Section 415.080. Application Fees. [Ord. No. 1992-268 Art. I §VIII, 8-18-1992]

All applications to the City Clerk shall be accompanied by deposit of an inspection fee of ten dollars ($10.00) per mobile home lot for each and every lot included within a mobile home park.

Section 415.090. Mobile Home Park Inspections. [Ord. No. 1992-268 Art. I §IX, 8-18-1992]

A. Each mobile home park shall be inspected by the duly qualified official of the City of Goodman, Missouri. Whenever inspection of any mobile home park indicates that any provision of this Chapter or any other applicable law is being violated, the person in charge of the lot, the applicant, shall be notified, in writing, of such fact and the notice shall set forth a description of the violations and shall further direct that such violation be remedied by commencing to remedy same within twenty-four (24) hours after receipt of the notice and continue thereafter diligently and continuously until said violation has been abated, which abatement must occur within a period of time not to exceed ten (10) days.

B. After a written notice of violation has been submitted and a violation has not been remedied within the time, or if it appears that any other violation of law exists, the permit and business license of the mobile home park shall be revoked.

C. The inspector of the City shall have the power to enter the mobile home park at reasonable times for the purpose of inspection and investigation of conditions relating to the enforcement of this Chapter.

D. Any person effected by a notice which has been issued in accordance with the enforcement of this Chapter may request and shall be granted a hearing on the matter before the Board of Aldermen, provided that such person shall file in the office of City Clerk a written petition requesting such hearing and setting forth a brief statement of the grounds therefore within ten (10) days after the day the notice

is served. The filing of the request for hearing shall operate as a stay of notice and of the suspension. Upon receipt of such petition, the Board of Aldermen shall set a time and place for such hearing and shall give the petitioner written notice thereof. At such hearing, the petitioner shall be given an opportunity to be heard and to show why such notice should be modified or withdrawn. The hearing shall be commenced not later than ten (10) days after the date upon which the petition was filed, provided that the Mayor may postpone the date of the hearing for a reasonable time beyond such ten (10) day period where, in his/her judgment, the petitioner has submitted good and sufficient reasons for the postponement.

E. At such hearing, the Board of Aldermen shall make findings as to compliance with the provision of this Chapter and shall issue an order, in writing, sustaining, modifying or withdrawing the notice which shall be served in written form upon the holder of the license by the Chief of Police of Goodman, Missouri, or upon the lot manager in the event the license holder is a non-resident. Upon failure to comply with any order sustaining or modifying a notice, the license of the mobile home park shall be revoked.

F. Any person aggrieved by the decision of the Board of Aldermen may seek relief therefrom in any court of competent jurisdiction as provided by the laws in this State.

G. Provided however, that when any inspector finds that an emergency exists which requires immediate action to protect the public health, he/she may, without notice or hearing, issue an order reciting the existence of the emergency and requiring that such action be taken as he/she may deem necessary to meet the emergency, including the suspension of the permit or license. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Chapter, such order shall be effective immediately. Any person to whom such an order is directed shall comply therewith immediately but upon petition to the Board of Aldermen shall be afforded a hearing as soon as possible.

Section 415.100. Revocation of License and Effects. [Ord. No. 1992-268 Art. I §X, 8-18-1992]

Any mobile home park, to which the license to operate same has been revoked, shall forthwith cease activity immediately. All occupants of mobile homes located within the park shall vacate said mobile homes within fifteen (15) days after the license or permit is revoked.

Section 415.110. Prohibitions. [Ord. No. 1992-268 Art. I §XI, 8-18-1992; Ord. No. 1996-298 §§1 — 2, 5-21-1996]

No mobile home, including all single-wide and double-wide mobile homes as defined within this Chapter, may be brought within the corporate City limits of Goodman, Missouri, for the purpose of being occupied as a dwelling, except for placement of said mobile home within a mobile home park, which mobile home park is in compliance with all provisions of this Chapter.

Section 415.120. Exemptions. [Ord. No. 1992-268 Art. I §XII, 8-18-1992; Ord. No. 2012-443 §1, 11-20-2012]

A. This Chapter shall not effect nor shall it be applied to any currently existing mobile home or mobile home park currently located within the City of Goodman, Missouri, subject to the following exceptions:

1. No person who currently occupies a mobile home within the City of Goodman, Missouri, not located within a mobile home park shall cause any other mobile home, not currently located within the City of Goodman, Missouri, to be brought within the corporate City limits to be utilized as a dwelling as defined in this ordinance;

2. All mobile home parks currently located within the corporate limits of the City of Goodman, Missouri, shall be exempt from this Chapter.

Section 415.130. Penalties. [Ord. No. 1992-268 Art. I §XIII, 8-18-1992]

A. Criminal Penalties. Any person, firm or corporation who violates any provision of this Chapter shall upon conviction be punished by a fine of not less than five dollars ($5.00) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) for each day in which the violation occurs and, in addition, may be sentenced to a period of time in the County Jail of not less than one (1) day nor more than ninety (90) days for each day that the violation occurs or continues to occur.

B. Civil Penalties. Any mobile home or mobile home park not in compliance with this Chapter shall be deemed a nuisance per se and deemed by law to be detrimental to the health and welfare of the populous of the City of Goodman, Missouri. Any such person who thereby continues to maintain a public nuisance in violation of this Chapter shall, in addition to other civil remedies, be liable to the City of Goodman, Missouri, for the sum of one hundred dollars ($100.00) per day per mobile home for each and every day that the mobile home park remains in violation of this Chapter