Chapter 203 – Fire Department

Chapter 203



Fire Chief

Section 203.010. Appointment of Fire Chief — Resident of City Required. [Ord. No. 1997-303 §§1 — 2, 3-18-1997]

A. The Fire Chief shall be appointed by the Mayor by and with the consent of the Board of Aldermen at the second (2nd) Board meeting in April after the municipal elections.

B. The Fire Chief shall reside within the City of Goodman or the Rural Goodman Fire Protection Association area.

Section 203.020. Appointment of Volunteer Firemen — Procedure — Recommendations of Fire Chief. [Ord. No. 1997-303 §3, 3-18-1997]

It shall be the duty of the Fire Chief to take all applications for the position of volunteer fireman, hold interviews, do background checks and then make his/her recommendations to the Board of Aldermen. The Fire Chief shall give list of those that he/she wishes to be appointed as Assistant Fire Chief and firemen to the Board of Aldermen. The Board of Aldermen will then appoint all firemen and the Assistant Fire Chief.

Section 203.030. Duties of Fire Chief. [Ord. No. 1997-303 §§4 — 13, 3-18-1997]

A. The Fire Chief or someone designated by him/her shall have control of and be responsible for the care and condition of the fire equipment which shall at all times be ready for immediate use.

B. It shall be the duty of the Fire Chief to examine and report quarterly to the Mayor in writing the condition of the department and its equipment and recommend such alterations and additions and changes as the department may in his/her judgment require. It shall also be his/her duty to ascertain and report to the Mayor the condition and efficiency of the Fire Department and if the department fails to observe and enforce its rules and regulations so as to impair its efficiency, to report the same with such suggestions as he/she may be most appropriate. The Fire Chief will attend one (1) Board meeting a month to make verbal reports to the Board.

C. The Fire Chief or the person acting as Fire Chief shall have full power, control and command over all persons whomsoever are present at fires and he/she shall direct the use of all fire apparatus and equipment and command all firemen in the

discharge of their duties. He/she shall take such measures as may deem necessary in the preservation and protection of property and the extinguishing of fires.

D. The Fire Chief shall keep in convenient form a complete record of all fires. Such information shall include the time and location, construction of building, owner, occupancy, how extinguished, value of buildings and contents, loss of buildings and contents, insurance on buildings and contents, members responding to the alarm and any other information deemed advisable.

E. It shall be the duty of the Fire Chief to adopt all prudent measures for the prevention of fires and for this purpose he/she or his/her assistant under his/her directions may upon request or whenever he/she has reason to believe that the safety of life and property demands it and as often as he/she may deem necessary enter any building, yard or premises in the City during reasonable hours for the purpose of inspection and where dangerous, unsafe or hazardous condition are found to exist, he/she shall give such directions for the alteration, change, removal or better care or management of the same as he/she may deem proper and such direction shall be obeyed and complied with by the person directed in that regard and at their expense.

F. The Fire Chief shall examine all buildings and all places where explosives and flammable materials are kept in the City and to report their condition at least once a year to the Mayor and the Fire Chief is hereby authorized to enter any and all buildings and places for the purpose of inspecting same.

G. He/she shall keep an inventory of all the City Fire Department’s property and equipment and report the same to the Mayor at least once a year.

H. He/she shall keep informed and make a report as to the condition of the City water supply and fireplugs.

I. He/she shall keep the department in good condition and at all times ready for inspection.

J. In the exercise of these duties, the Fire Chief may delegate to the Assistant Chief or to other department members such responsibilities as in his/her judgment may be required.

Section 203.040. Absence of Fire Chief. [Ord. No. 1997-303 §14, 3-18-1997]

In the absence of the Chief, the Assistant Chief shall perform all the duties and have all the authority and responsibility of the Chief as conferred by this Chapter.

Section 203.050. Fire Chief To Act As Liaison Officer. [Ord. No. 1997-303 §15, 3-18-1997]

The Fire Chief appointed by the City shall act as the liaison officer between the Board of Aldermen and the Rural Goodman Fire Protection Association.