MInutes-July 8, 2019

Special Council Meeting
Monday July 8, 2019

The Board of Aldermen held a special meeting on Monday July 8, 2019 at 6:00 PM. Those present included Mayor Greg Richmond, Alderpersons Calvin Wilson and Ed Tuomala. Also present were Police Chief Curt Drake and City Clerk Karla McNorton. Also present Linda Gill, J.R. Fisher, Beth Hallmark, Jerry Bates, Nick Smith, Roy Foust, William Weber, Kevin Keeney, Tammie Davis and Sally Carroll from the McDonald County Press.

Mayor Richmond called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.

Beth Hallmark gave the Board a letter and read it aloud. It reads: To the Mayor and Board of Alderman Please accept this written request as submission for the council’s consideration to fill the appointed temporary position of Southward Alderman that was recently vacated by Keith Kohley. Presently demi retired I bring to the table 20 years’ experience in the environmental industry which provided me the working knowledge in water and wastewater treatment, waste and hazardous waste management and disposal and industrial health and safety at the operational levels. During this time, I also became familiar with basic construction principals to the extent of assisting in treatment plant adaptations and logistic and the redesign of treatment parameters. Additionally, I have a working knowledge of City development standards and policies which I acquired while employed with the City of Tempe Building and safety and City Development Departments. I also held a position with the City of Ozona Texas Chamber of Commerce. In areas that I have a surface familiarity, I do possess level of knowledge to know what questions to ask and where to find the answers. I look forward to directly participating in the future of the City of Goodman and bring ideas that will support the growth of our City and the ability to adapt to the changes and improvements that this growth will present to the council and the citizens of Goodman. Ms. Hallmark did note that if she is appointed, she will run for the Southward Alderman position in the next election. Ms. Hallmark also noted that she had looked further into the City’s ordinances and found ordinance 115.040, which says: All officers elected to offices or appointed to fill a vacancy in any elective office under the City Government shall be voters under the laws and Constitution of this State and the ordinances of the City except that appointed officers need not be voters of the City. No person shall be elected or appointed to any office who, shall at the time be in arrears for any unpaid City taxes or forfeiture or defalcation in office. All officers, except appointed officers, shall be residents of the City.
Mr. Weber, Attorney for J.R. Fisher noted that Ms. Hallmark has a lot of qualifications and would make a good Alderman. Mr. Weber then noted that Ms. Hallmark had the forthright to look further into the ordinances and find that one. Mr. Weber also noted that the Board might want to consider waiting until the Mayoral contest is over. Mr. Weber noted that the Board did not have to fill the position immediately.

Linda Gill then informed the Board that she too is interested in the position of Southward Alderman. Ms. Gill noted that since the age of 19, she has owned her own business, been a manager of a successful restaurant in Las Vegas, was on the Board of Missouri State University for 13 years while teaching, which she had to leave due to the health of her husband. Ms. Gill is a proud citizen of Goodman who knows all her neighbors in the neighborhood she resides and still owns her own business, while caring for her husband. Ms. Gill noted that she was unfamiliar with the workings of the council until the first time she attended a meeting asking to put up a sign for her bakery business. If considered for the position, she would run for Southward Alderman at the next meeting.

Tammie Davis then noted that she was interested in the Southward Alderman position and she has been a resident since 2011. Ms. Davis has done Social Services work, she has been on the Advisory Board for the Salvation Army in both Newton and McDonald County and if appointed, she would run in the next election.

Mayor Richmond noted that he did not feel the City needed to wait for the lawsuit to be completed to fill the position. Mayor Richmond also noted that he felt the position should be filled as soon as possible, but the City could wait since there are three people interested in the position. Mayor Richmond asked that it be put on the next agenda to discuss and possibly appoint a new Alderperson for the Southward position. That will give the Board time to consider the three prospects before them.

Ald. Wilson moved to adjourn the meeting. Ald. Tuomala seconded. Ald. Tuomala and Wilson voted aye with 0 nays.

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