Special Meeting Minutes June 27, 2019

Thursday June 27, 2019

Those present were Mayor Greg Richmond, Alderpersons Ed Tuomala and Calvin Wilson. Also present were City Supervisor David Brodie, Chief Curt Drake and City Clerk Karla McNorton. Also present were Ray Villa, Meghan Sprenkle, Darrell Epperson, Marshall Long, Keith Estes, J.R. Fisher and Kent Hartman.

Mayor Richmond called the meeting to order at 6:05 P.M. and noted we did not have a quorum. He has contacted the other council members to remind them. Ald. Wilson arrived at 6:30 P.M.

The Board, Goodman Betterment Club and citizens discussed plans for rebuilding the Community Building. Mayor Richmond noted he wanted this meeting to be less formal. City Supervisor Brodie noted the foundation had a crack that goes across 70 feet. It was discussed that the City Building Inspector Marcus Pratt believes the foundation for the community building needs some work before putting a building on it. Mr. Pratt believes by drilling and putting rebar into the existing foundation and then the footing around it, then it should be good to build on. City Supervisor Brodie noted that Ryan Hitt and Darren Widener believe a footing needs to be put around it as well. It was discussed whether a footing was needed and the funds for it. Mayor Richmond noted that the City needs to go by what the City Building inspector says. The City has to follow the rules of the building code just like everyone else does. Mayor Richmond then noted that at previous council meetings it was discussed that the City may need to add additional funds to complete the community building and the City has a General Fund CD for $37,000.00 that can be cashed in to complete the building if needed. There was no further discussion on the foundation.

The Board, Goodman Betterment Club and citizens then discussed floor plans for the community building. Mayor Richmond noted that he had an idea for the layout and explained he would like to have the South end closest to the road covered like a porch and have chairs out there for residents to sit on; visit and watch the traffic go by if they want. Mayor Richmond then noted that on the East side you can cover it and have the people drive up to the door and let out passengers if it is raining or for a fancy event. It was then discussed putting a ramp into it when the concrete is poured for the handicapped. It was also discussed where the restrooms and kitchenette would be located and even putting in a janitor’s closet, if desired. After additional discussion of a tree needing removed before construction began, it was agreed to have a bid put out for a footing around the existing foundation. It was also agreed to have specs of the layout of the inside of the building just discussed done so it can be put out for bid and to make sure Mr. Pratt will approve those plans. There was no further discussion on the community building.

Ald. Wilson made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Ald. Tuomala seconded. Ald. Tuomala and Wilson voted aye with 0 nays.

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