Agenda-November 1, 2016



Tuesday November 1, 2016 at 7:00 PM at the

Goodman City Hall


    1.     Call the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


2.     Discuss and approve the minutes from the regular Board meeting held on October 18, 2016.


3.     Acknowledge Deaun Richmond to discuss hospitality room for the volunteers for Holiday Express Train.


4.     Acknowledge Nathan Wagner to discuss Fireworks Ordinance.


5.     Acknowledge Jim Morgan and Keith Estes to discuss obstruction of view at the Fire Dept.


6.    Holiday Express Train preparations


7.     Citizens Business:


8.     Old Business:


9.      New Business:


10.     Department heads:  

                   A. Chief Drake-

                   B. Denis Kolb-

                   C Meghan Sexson-

                   D. David Brodie – 

                   E. Karla McNorton -A check for $2483.18 deposited into the General fund from       

                       the Ozark Orchard Festival has now been issued to the Festival committee


11.      Vote to approve the bills in the amount of $24, 338.80 including transfers.


     12.    Vote to go into closed session pursuant to RSMO. Section 610.021, Section (3) to  discuss hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of particular employees by a public governmental body when personal information about the employee is discussed or recorded.


13.   Announce any decisions made during the closed session.



14.   Adjourn the meeting.