Public Hearing-August 2, 2016



    Tuesday August 12, 2016 AT

6:50 PM at the Goodman City Hall

to set the 2016 Tax Levy at $0.6599

1. Call the meeting to order.

2. Note that the meeting is being held to hear public input regarding the setting of the 2016 tax levy at $0.6599 per $100.00 valuation on Real Estate and Personal Property.

3. Citizens input.

4. Vote on Bill # 2016-471 for Ordinance #2016-481 twice setting the 2016 tax levy at $0.6599. (Note that the ordinance needs to be voted on twice as it has to be approved  before September 1st).

4. Vote to adjourn the Public Hearing on the 2016 Tax Levy.