Minutes-May 19, 2015

May 19, 2015

Regular Board Meeting

The Board of Aldermen held a regular meeting on Tuesday night May 19, 2015 at 7:00 PM.  Those present included Mayor Greg Richmond, Alderpersons Calvin Wilson, Alice Kezar, Keith Kohley and Roger Coe. Also present were Chief of Police Curt Drake, Officer Adam Miller, Emergency Management Director Denis Kolb and City Clerk Paula Brodie. Also present were Lois Kolb and Rita Greene from the McDonald County Press. Calvin Wilson was not present due to illness.

The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:00PM.

The Board discussed the minutes from the regular meeting on May 05, 2015.  Ald. Kohley moved to approve the minutes from the meetings on May 05, 2015. Ald. Kezar seconded. Ald. Kohley, Kezar and Coe voted aye with 0 nays.

The Mayor noted that Ms. Leslie Franks was not present to discuss the Don Kramburg Properties. The Clerk noted that Ms. Franks letter came back not forward able. Ald. Kohley stated that one of her neighbors Mike Davis had been helping her family work on the lot. Chief Drake was asked to go by and talk with Mr. Davis about if he knew how to get in touch with her.

The Board discussed filling the Tax Collectors position. The Clerk noted that the City had not received any letters of interests from anyone. The Clerk noted that she had put in the Boards packets copies of the letter from the Mayor to McDonald County Collector Jennifer Weber regarding the Cities request for her to continue collecting the City’s 3 year delinquent real property taxes, including the sale of the properties in August. The Board agreed to table further discussion regarding the hiring of a tax collector. They agreed to extend the time for people to turn a letter of interest in until then.

The Board discussed the following old business:

  1. The Board discussed whether or not the Board wants to start a City of Goodman Facebook page. Ald. Kohley and Ald. Coe both stated that they would like to see the City start a Facebook page so that information can be given to the Citizens every day. The Mayor stated that Facebook and Twitter are what everyone is into now. The Clerk asked that the Board make Karla McNorton the administrator of the Facebook page and that she with the Mayors approval would be the only one from the City Board that would place entries on the Facebook page for the City Ald. Kohley moved to make Karla McNorton the administrator for the City’s Facebook page. Ald. Coe seconded. Ald. Coe, Ald. Kohley and Ald. Kezar voted aye with 0 nays. The Board agreed that they would look into adding new policies to the City’s Employees handbook regarding Social Media, Computers, etc. The Mayor stated it would be good to address the complete handbook and make all the changes at one time. The Board agreed and decided to work on the procedures during the summer months.

    The Board discussed the following new business:

    Ald. Kohley stated the street light in front of the Police Station needs to be replaced or repaired by Empire. Chief Drake is to get the pole number and then the City Hall will report it to Empire. Ald. Kohley asked if the thermostat that is in the Police station could be moved into the Emergency Management Department as they cannot control it when they are in the building working a weather event. The Board agreed that it would probably not be difficult and Chief Drake stated he would contact someone to look at it. Ald. Kohley also stated that the brush on the corner of Mike Davis’s property was causing a traffic hazard for people going around the corner on Douglas Street. Chief Drake said he would talk with him about it when he talks with him about getting an address for the people responsible for the Kramburg residence.

    The Mayor noted that the Board had received an invitation to the McDonald County Historical Society’s open house on Thursday May 21first from 5:00PM to 7:00PM. He thought if anyone wanted to attend they would be welcomed.

    The Department heads gave the following reports:

    Curt Drake-told the Board that Carrie Ruby’s Children had given the Police Dept. cookies and a thank you card for the work the officers do. He noted that they really appreciated the gesture.  

                     -gave the Board the reports from the past couple of months.

    Denis Kolb- asked is one of the Generators that were in the City Hall garage could be stored and used by the Emergency Management Department. He stated that they would be responsible for running and maintaining it. The Mayor stated that they would talk with David about where each generator goes. The Clerk noted that there was one designated for the Police Department. It was agreed when David got back from vacation they would get with him.

    David Brodie- not present.

    Paula Brodie – note USDA Rural Development meeting May 28, 2015.

                          – noted that the City Hall will be closed Monday the 25th in observance of Memorial Day. She stated that because of Memorial Day the water shut offs will be on Tuesday.            

                          – The Clerk noted that Brad Lett reported that the Empire District cleanup crew is not going to do anything to the light on Russell Street until the crew come in that does that work.  She noted that she had to get back with Brad because he had talked about having the pole replaced.

                           -noted that the State House and Senate approved Senate Bill 5, which will make significant impact on the Municipal Court and traffic enforcement. It was noted that the cap for fine and costs was lowered from $500.00 to $300.00. It was also noted that the City Prosecutors will not be able to be file charges for Failure to appear, which limits the amounts of warrants that can be issued.

    The Board discussed the bills including transfers in the amount of $41,197.82.  Ald. Kezar moved to approve the bills including transfers in the amount of $41,197.82.  Ald. Kohley seconded. Ald. Kohley, Kezar and Coe voted aye with 0 nays.

    Ald. Kohley moved to adjourn. Ald. Coe seconded.  Ald. Kohley, Kezar and Coe voted aye with 0 nays.