Agenda-September 3, 2013



Tuesday September 3, 2013 at 7:00 PM at the

Goodman City Hall  

1.     Call the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

2.     Discuss and approve the minutes from the Tax Levy Public Hearing, Annexation Public Hearing and the Regular Meeting all held on August 20, 2013.

3.     Citizens business.                

4.     Begin business section of meeting starting with unfinished business.

                   a. Vote on the Coe’s variance request.

        b. Discuss letter from Bobby Anglin and response letter and letter to MODOT regarding annexation.

       c. Discuss and vote on request by First Community Bank to average their water/sewer bill.

5.     New Business.

        a. Discuss whether or not to increase the variance fee amount from $20.00 to $75.00.

        b. Discuss the request from Laclede gas on the purchase of MGE. Vote to approve the acknowledgement letter and the first reading of Bill No. 2013-438 for Ord. No. 2013-448.

                   c. Discuss request by Ald. Wilson to attend MML.

        d. Discuss letter to Jessie Brewington about condition of house and weeds.               

6.     Department heads.

                  a. Chief Drake.   

                  b. David Brodie.

                  c. Denis Kolb.

                  d. Dawn Bunch

       e. Paula Brodie  -.note letter to Duane Cooper regarding Code Books that haven’t been returned and agreement for Board Members to sign in regard to the Code Book.

7.   Vote to approve the bills in the amount of $16,446.56 including transfers.

8.    Adjourn the meeting.