Minutes-Public Hearing May 30, 3013

Public Hearing Minutes

May 30, 2013

A The Board of Aldermen held a Special meeting on Thursday night May 30, 2013 at 6:00 PM.  Those present included Mayor Greg Richmond, Alderpersons Calvin Wilson, Keith Kohley, Alice Kezar and Bill Hess. Also present were City Supervisor David Brodie City Clerk Paula Brodie.

The Mayor called the meeting to order.  He stated “The purpose of this public hearing is to meet requirements of the Community Block Grant Application requirements since the City is applying for funds to finish the Community Building/Post Emergency Shelter”.

The Mayor noted that there were no Citizens present. The Mayor stated that he felt people did not come to the meeting because of the tornado watch that was out and due to the torrential rains.

For public comment the Clerk read letters from various people that are in support of the project and also noted that the Cornerstone Back had sent a letter continuing their commitment to the project with a pledge of $13,500.00 if the City receives the grant. She noted that Cornerstone Bank had originally pledged $20,000.00. They had already given the City $6,500.00 to pay for the grant writer from the first CDBG application and for the preliminary architectural plans. She stated that out of the $6,500.00 there was $556.00 left. The Clerk also stated that General Pallets had sent a letter of support with a commitment of $500.00 on the awarding of the grant. It was noted that the City had received letters of support from Representative Reiboldt, Representative Lant, and the McDonald County Emergency Management Director Greg Sweeten, the Elk River Health Services, the Goodman Emergency Management Department, the McDonald County Health Department and various citizens.

The Board went over and filled in the Community Needs Assessment form. After completing the forms the Board felt that the following needs were the greatest.

            1.  Sewer collection system.

            2.  Post Emergency Shelter/Community Building.

            3.  Streets

            4.  Police Department (more police protection).

            5.  Industrial Park

The Mayor stated that if funded, this project would give the City a functioning Post Emergency Shelter/Community Building, completing the building that was started several years ago.   The land owned by the City is free and clear of debt; the metal building constructed on the building is debt free.  It was built with citizen’s donations and the hard work of the Goodman Community Betterment Club. The project goals and outcomes are to complete the partially finished building that can be used by the citizens of Goodman and the surrounding area. He noted that it was the hope of the Board that the building would be available as an Emergency Shelter to be used after a disaster strikes. The building will have showers, kitchen facility and big enough to supply sleeping space.  It is the hope of the Board that the building will be appropriate for a Red Cross approved shelter. When the building is not being used for an emergency shelter, the Board stated that it could be used for classes, meetings, and other functions.

The proposed project would complete the infill of the existing building for the planned use.  The total estimated cost of the infill of the building is $226,860.   The City will furnish water and sewer to the site.  The City will also contribute $5,000 of in-kind work on the project if funded. Besides the Community Development Block Grant, the City is putting $20,000 cash into the project.

The Mayor noted that the subject site for this project is not in a floodplain or wetland, no historic buildings are located on the site, no known contamination or flammable operations on the site, traffic is not a concern, no known noise impacts except railroad tracks are a distance from the site.   The Mayor said that a full environmental report that meets the Community Development Block Grant requirements will be completed by the project administrator selected by the City if the grant is awarded.

The Mayor stated that there would be no easements or acquisition involved as the City owns the property.

 It was noted that final plans for the construction bidding will need to be prepared by an architect.

 Ald. Wilson moved to adjourn the public hearing at 7:20PM. Ald. Kohley seconded. Ald. Wilson, Kohley, Hess and Kezar voted aye with 0 nays.