Agenda-October 16, 2012


Tuesday October 16, 2012 at 7:00PM at the

Goodman City Hall

 Call the meeting to order.

2.    Discuss and approve the minutes from the regular meeting on October 2, 2012 and the Special meeting on October 9, 2012.

3      Acknowledge Joel Gaona to discuss averaging his water/sewer bill.

4.    Acknowledge Valerie and Fred Branstetter to discuss requests for variances from Chapter 415, the Mobile Home Park ordinance.

5.     Acknowledge Max Mace to discuss a request for the placing a storage container at the back of his property on Main Street.

6.    Discuss and decide on coverage changes on the MOPERM property insurance.

7.    Discuss and decide on what to do about the tree behind the property at 105 W. Garner.

8.    Discuss and decide on accepting nCourt to handle the online payment program for the City.

9.    Discuss and decide on purchasing a sign for the Stay and Play Park. (Example in packets).

10.    Department head reports:

Tom West-

David Brodie- discuss the roofs of the well on Barlow and the Police Department.

Denis Kolb-  

Dawn Bunch –

Paula Brodie –-note the email on the MML Southwest Regional Dinner Meeting in                                        Boliver. (RSVP must be by October 26, 2012).

                       -note that a sample Ordinance was in the Boards packet on the Use Tax.

                       -note the Board received the September financial statements in their packet.

11.    Discuss old business:  

12.    Discuss new business:    

13.    Discuss and vote on the bills including transfers in the amount of $17185.73.

14.    Adjourn the meeting.