Pineville Court Announcement

Goodman Municipal Court is held at Pineville. If you would like to see if you can take care of your citation before your court date, please call 417-223-4368, Ext. 101.

Payments can be made by mail to: PO Box 592, Pineville, MO  64856.

By Drop Box located at 503 Main Street, Pineville, MO  (search by name or citation #, choose plead & pay)


To make online utility payments, visit

City accepts your debit/credit cards either in person or by phone call to City Hall. There is an additional $2 charge to use a debit/credit card.

Search City of Goodman Municipal Code by logging on to

 City of Goodman

 203 W. Barlow St

 Goodman, MO. 64843



Office Hours:  7:30 – 4:00, Monday – Friday


The City of Goodman became a Fourth Class City on November 6, 1956 when the Village of Goodman voted in favor of incorporation by a vote of seventy-two (72) to two (2).

The population of Goodman as of the 2010 US Census is  1,248.

The City is ran by the Board of Aldermen. We have a Board of Aldermen which consists of the Mayor, two Northward Aldermen and two Southward Aldermen. Board meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 7:00pm.

The City has an elected Tax Collector. The City Collector collects Personnel and Real Property taxes. The tax rate for the year 2020 is 0.7198 per $100.00